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Just a ray of bloody sunshine.

Okay, so I finally crawled out of my hole and dredged up some money to go see Transformers, even though I couldn't really afford to. What a load of crap this movie was. The only cool thing in this movie was Shockwave (his vulture buddy was cool) as they had him really close to his cartoon counterpart.

The new love interest, couldn't get excited enough to even raise my heart rate. At least Megan Fox ran around and tantalized us with her anime bounce. There was one particular part of the movie where Chicago was literally falling down around her head as robots were fighting and killing and destroying things. Previously she had no knowledge of such said robots but of course they are doing the slow motion as she was just staring off into space. What the fuck is that? I mean if that was me and I didn't know about these alien robots that are 3 stories tall that could turn into fucking anything where running around killing shit and tearing shit up I wouldn't be standing there gazing off into the sunset as if trying to figure out a hard math problem after eating a block of cheese without the constipated look on my face.

If I was gonna stand there I would be shitting myself as my eyes were wide and I had the "What the fuck do I do now other then stand here silently screaming and shitting myself" look on my face. Then I would say "Oh Shit!", then I would shit, and then I would run.

I did get the Star Trek reference from Leonard Nimoys robot, and I was hoping someone would tell Doctor Mcdreamy that he couldn't buy love but alas that never happend. And whatever happened to Mojo? He was a major background pet and source of jokes in the first two.

All in all, I should have gone to the fucking monkey movie.



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