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blm vs nevada rancher

Apparently the BLM has got it's jackboots on to goose step all over Clyvan Bundy. The Bundy family has been ranching for over one hundred years on public lands. They and other ranchers have purchased grazing and water rights.

In the 90's BLM tried to cull his heard to 135. He refised and qiite paying the BLM their money but continued paying the state of Nevada. Mr. Bundy is now the last man standing defending his rights.

The BLM has recently come in with snipers, military vehicles, and helicopters to run him off his own land as well as graze lands. The excuse was the preservation of a land tortoise that a year ago was slated to be euthanised due to over population.

Several people showed up to protest, several were armed with fire arms. Mainstream media only picked up on it after a week of the BLM threatening him with military might. Even then the media attempted to paint him as a loony. Luckily the BLM thugs backed down and returned his cattle without slaightering them.

The question is do we have to wait for another Ruby Ridge killing of Randy Weaver, or Waco slaughterimg of children in a pyre of fire? The feds could have arrested David Koresh on several occasions as he went jogging or his trips to the store.

When will people stand up to the Republocrats and Demokins? Or are you too interested in watching American Idol, or some other "reality shows"? Some sheeple will always wish to be led bu the ring in their nose or the band wtapped around their balls. It's okay that peoples rights get taken away as long as these people don't think the way you do right?

There are some people who are awake, those who aren't will either wake up or forever be in the government induced coma. Good luck with that.


Okay, I know I said I was going to make an effort to post more. I have to use a connection when I get one. Have been working on a variety of writing things as of late, such as short stories, novel, and my game world.

Overall still irritated with the overall political bickering in this country. What should I expect from elected bozos, they have been f-ing us for centuries. Not that monarchys, or the various churches have been doing us right for long. Guess I am overly cynical when it comes to this issue.

Have been working on my photography as well. Looking into taking some non credit classes, and learning another language.

gooberment shutdown

Since the Republocrats and democins cannot agree to hold hands and play nice, why not give themselves paycuts? If president Obangas healthcare is so awesome, why does his family and congress get to back out of it? Why do we vote people into office who obviously don't give a shit about us the people? Are we as U.S. citizens so wrapped up in Grand Theft Auto V (insert video game name here), "reality shows", sports, or whatever that we don't notice the constant bull shit?

Can people not take a step back and look at things objectively anymore? If a large portion of highschool kids cannot even find the pacific ocean on the map or even the U.S. of A. why should we expect them to make good life decisions? Maybe... okay I have turned into that old cynical guy who yells at kids to get off my f'ing lawn.

Just a rant that will probably give me a stroke. But hey, Halloween is close, so at least the government picked a fine time to be scary Lucielle.
The one thing I love about working retail is Halloween. This has always been my favorite holiday, I even got married on the 31st. I love the lore of the holiday, movies, the season in general. Christmas always sucks out my soul. Now that I live in the Portland area I can easily go to Seattle or Eugene for parties besides being here.

Now that I purchased a sewing machine, I can get back into making Halloween stuff all year round. Of course I don't have an excuse to not make stuff for monstermidnightmanor. Lots of crazy ideas running rough shod through my mind.

star gazers

So if there are any star gazers out there, from the 11th until the 15thish will be the annual meteor shower. Get as far as you can from city light pollution for an even better show. Think of it as natures television show, of course those who have to work the best time to do this was over the weekend. If you getna chance to catch a glimpse I recommend it.

I'm back....

It's been a couple years since I have posted last and that is a terrible shame. Granted my friends here probably don't keep things updated due to facebookwhore, and other hot social media of the now.

Maybe the blanket NSA data metaming is keeping them away, or they don't care that their represenatives both republocrat and democin didn't pass the bill to reign in the spying on all americans. I guess the 4th ammendment isn't relative any more, who needs to be secure in their homes, papers, etc, etc.

We should all have terrorist names to make it easy if we are suspected of being such am I right? What do I know I suppose, it's not like I have ever had any rights taken away. Well enough ranting for now.

Writer's Block: Subtitles please

What is your favorite foreign film? Do you think there should be an American remake?

My favorite foreign film would have to be hands down a movie called Bichunmoo. It's a Korean flick and this would come as a surprise to many people who know that I am an avid Jackie Chan fan. Though I love his movies like no other if I would have to choose one movie over his it would begrudgingly be Bichunmoo.

As far as there being an American remake? Hands down hell no. Hollywood fucks up many a good foreign flick and they should keep their dirty little monkey paws off this film the damn dirty apes.

Just a ray of bloody sunshine.

Okay, so I finally crawled out of my hole and dredged up some money to go see Transformers, even though I couldn't really afford to. What a load of crap this movie was. The only cool thing in this movie was Shockwave (his vulture buddy was cool) as they had him really close to his cartoon counterpart.

The new love interest, couldn't get excited enough to even raise my heart rate. At least Megan Fox ran around and tantalized us with her anime bounce. There was one particular part of the movie where Chicago was literally falling down around her head as robots were fighting and killing and destroying things. Previously she had no knowledge of such said robots but of course they are doing the slow motion as she was just staring off into space. What the fuck is that? I mean if that was me and I didn't know about these alien robots that are 3 stories tall that could turn into fucking anything where running around killing shit and tearing shit up I wouldn't be standing there gazing off into the sunset as if trying to figure out a hard math problem after eating a block of cheese without the constipated look on my face.

If I was gonna stand there I would be shitting myself as my eyes were wide and I had the "What the fuck do I do now other then stand here silently screaming and shitting myself" look on my face. Then I would say "Oh Shit!", then I would shit, and then I would run.

I did get the Star Trek reference from Leonard Nimoys robot, and I was hoping someone would tell Doctor Mcdreamy that he couldn't buy love but alas that never happend. And whatever happened to Mojo? He was a major background pet and source of jokes in the first two.

All in all, I should have gone to the fucking monkey movie.

Monster Midnight Manor

The Monster Midnight Manor sight will have stuff for sale very soon. I am finalizing some of my photographs, proof reading the news letter, and Dott is working on some projects for it as well. It's been a bit of a rocky start getting this thing started but it will eventually happen.

This is an Etsy site. Anyone can go there and look at the crafts that people sell. In order to buy anything from someones shop you must then become a member. You don't have to post anything to sell just set it up so you can buy, buy, buy. So that's right go out and support your local small business.

Other things slated for the shop will be felt made creatures like vampires, werewolves, and zombies to name a few. There will also be sculpted items available such as, venus flytrap hybrids (think killer plant from little shop of horrors type stuff), zombie bunnies, Jewelry (steam punk and other types), rune chips etc.

This shop will basically sell, strange, bizarre, Cryptozoic, spooky, funny, cute, and morbid items. All of these will fall from the nostrils of my lovely wife and myself, because every great idea starts in the brain before draining out a random orifice.


Vacation is fun, it sure is neat. You get to sit on your ass and kick up your feet. I did that today anyway on my second day of vacation. I will be working on a few projects the rest of the weeks so I guess it will be a working vacation. I will also be doing some finishing touches on a D&D campaign I have going as well. I could post a few details about that but one of my current players is listed as a friend and then they will have an unfair advantage.

Plan on pumping out some more short stories. I will get them out and about when I have enough to publish in magazines, anthologies etc. Will also be working on some product for an etsy site that Dott and I do together so we can get some product up and running on that as well. Fun, fun, fun, cause I won't be at work.