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Writer's Block: The name game

What's the origin of your username? If you could change it to anything else, would you, and what would it be?

In the late 80's I had created my own fake religion and became the Reverend Jimbob Joe. It never got all that big because we don't have grape Kool-aid and spaceships trailing comets but hey wotcha gonna do?
Haven't really posted anything on this side for a bit. Not much is really going on, Christmas Eve myself and the better half went to my Dad's for dinner. We are getting more tattoos as well, the wife's first since it is the most detailed as she is getting a half sleeve. I will be getting the back of the neck done. And no I am not getting a bar code.

I have been working hard on a lot of my writing. I am pumping out the short stories and will hopefully get enough to put in a book by the end of the year. In the mean time I will put out some of my work to magazines, anthologies and whatever else I can try to get my work in. Though I have been published in the past it would be nice to get paid this time around.

We went to watch The Rite with Sir Anthony Hopkins. It was a great movie, especially for only a pg-13. If you are afraid of frogs then don't go, because you will see them. If you're afraid of Rome, don't see it you will be afraid. If you're afraid of pregnant teenage girls who speak Italian well you get the idea, don't go you will be afraid. I don't want to give the movie away.

Okay well I think I have taken a long enough break from my writing short stories, gonna eat and get back to work.

Happy Birthday too meeeee yay ha ha.

Okay so I thought I would do a little self promotion, and wish myself a happy birthday. Dott got me season two of the Clone Wars the animated Star Wars Series. I got it a day early but I have been enjoying it.


Well it has come and gone. Halloween and our anniversary, hard to believe it's been a year all ready. Happy belated anniversary to Dave and Krista as well they have completed a couple years now.

Well Dott and I went to Portland for a few days over Halloween weekend. We had a fun time, we just need to go through our vast amount of photos. We stayed at the White Eagle Saloon which is reputed to be one of the most haunted hot spots in Oregon. Will have to go through or photos and video, as well as audio to see if we picked anything up. We both have the feeling that it was an overall bust on the haunting part, and there wasn't anything that really happened that we couldn't explain away through natural causes.

Dott had heard a female whimpering around 3 am one morning, that could have been a fellow traveler having a nightmare, or having sex. I will have to go over the voice recorder and see if I could pick anything out. Unfortunately being Halloween, we had every yahoo and dill weed tramping around so we were hindered in doing a serious investigation. There is a group up there called Spirit something or other. I talked to one of them, (they do tours and investigations) he had said that they picked up some thermal imaging, had spikes on their EMF detectors and caught the laughter of a small child they believed to be a boy. He wouldn't share any hard evidence so it was all anecdotal.

We had taken a tour of the Pittock mansion in Portland as well. Dott had gotten the feeling as if she was being watched by unseen eyes. I was in a room taking pictures, out of the corner of my eye I had seen someone that was an older man with a goatee or beard. I thought it was someone who wanted to walk through, so I lowered my camera said "oh excuse me" and looked over to let them know I would let them through and there was no one standing there. Unfortunately I didn't get him photographed, I believe I could have been visited by Mr. Pittock himself. Unfortunately I can't verify this account.

Dott was flabbergasted about the sheer enormity of Powell's bookstore. and what is even more flabbergasting, brace yourself, I had only purchased one book this time around. I know shocking isn't it. We had eaten what we believed to have been some bad food earlier so we spent a lot of time in the bathroom unfortunately.

We had gone to the zoo as well where we got to test out Dott's new camera. She got some awesome pictures on that thing including a Mandrill Baboon, one of the wolves, as well as some of the chimpanzees, and lions.

We had decided that if we were going to go back to the white eagle and investigate further, it would be during an off time of year, there was just too much insanity going on. I do admit they had some great live entertainment. My favorite band there was a blue grass group called Faster Rattler. I recorded a few of their songs. I am not a real big fan of blue grass, but they put on a good show, their music was well played, and I got to enjoy something different.

Well that's a rough synopsis of our trip, and once I get a chance to go through our pictures I will post some up here. Some regular ones and any of ghosts we may have picked up. Until then happy hunting.


Since Dott and I had decided to not throw a party this year I would like to take the time to thank those who had made the past few years a blast for Halloween.

Denise and Karrie of course for participating in our Halloween murder mystery as well as our wedding.

Tony and Candice for showing up to those events as well.

Will and Krista who missed out on the Murder Mystery year but had come the following years and participated in the demented Halloween carnival and the wedding party last year.

Ian and Rachel for making it to the first year Murder Mystery. It was fun to have you guys there, you definitely added your own special flavor to the party.

A shout out goes to Troy who offered to officiate the wedding last year, I thank you for the offer even though we didn't take you up on it.

Kevin of course for flying all the way in from Texas last year to be my best man though you really couldn't afford it.

Dott's Parents for flying in from Alaska last year for the wedding as well as my new brother in law Kenny and his family for driving up from Klamath Falls.

Of course my Father and his wife even though we don't really chat it up all that much. My sister Heather who had shown up and taken pictures as well as bringing her brood.

Of course I can't forget Cyndy and Terry who opened up their house to us, let me decorate and have the party there.

I would like to thank my Brother for ignoring my invitation and not bringing his bitch of a wife to the party. I wouldn't have minded seeing the kids but that's life, you take the good with the bad.

To those who where invited to the parties who couldn't make it for whatever reason, you missed out on a lot of fun. To those with whom we haven't invited to a party yet there is hope for the future.

Well anyway I have blathered on long enough, thanks to everyone who have made the last few years very memorable.

Halloween Pt. 2

The annual Halloween party will not take place this year unfortunately. It's just a matter of not being able to afford to do that as well as go up to Portland and do ghost hunting the weekend of Halloween. Unfortunately I had a health scare recently and am now finishing paying off the medical bills. Doctors are expensive etc.

The plan was to do a dead celebrity thing, so we just might do that next year. We would still like to get a bunch of people together and go to the haunted corn maze etc. So once we get things squared away on the details of when and where and what time then we will be calling people. This would more then likely take place the weekend before Halloween.

Other Journal

I have started another journal. This journal will be for the posting of my writings that will include anything from Haiku's, poetry, short stories and what not. Those who are on my friends list will be automatically added to the other site if you wish. The other site is unknownsinister. Look it up, and request if you like.

Mothers Day

Last weekend was Mothers day. What is it we do on mothers day? That's right, call our mothers, send her flowers, say our "I love you's" maybe treat her to dinner etc. etc. etc. What better way to tell the woman who shoved you through her loins then by doing the above things right?

How bout a tattoo convention? Seeing as my mother has been dead for over 20 years, I am not obligated to do any of those things. I went to a tattoo convention over the weekend instead. Both Dott and I got some ink done, she had something put on her shoulder, I got work done on the tops of my feet.

We had also had gone out to see a movie. That movie was the remake of "Clash Of The Titans", and it was an epic fail of a movie. The special effects weren't all that special, the acting was nominal at best and it just sucked 2 hours of my life away that I will never get back. Avatard was better then this movie and I didn't like that movie much at all. I had even recently tried watching Avatard again just to give it a chance, but I would sooner forget I had watched the rehash of Clash of the Titans all together.

The writers had decided to throw in some Djinn in there, that annoyed me greatly. Clash of the Titans is all about Greek Mythology, Djinn are all about Persian Mythology. Different people = different mythologies. Didn't think it should have been mixed. Now I am not really up on my Persian Mythology, but I don't recall Djinn having blue fire hearts that explode all Predator Alien style when they are about to die. Guess I will have to do some research on the subject.

Any way's I hope everyone else had an eventfull mothers day.

Avatard Pt. II

Okay, I finally broke down and watched Avatard when it was released to DVD. For those of you still holding out I have a suggestion. First watch Dances With Wolves, then watch Fern Gully. Once you have done that, you have in essence watched Avatard.

Now I admit that the alien world created for this movie was visually good, it definitely did not live up to the hype. And for all those people who said they wanted to commit suicide because they didn't live on that world... Let me fill you in on something. It's not a real place, it did not exist other then in James Cameroons brain and he applied it to celluloid to be watched and adored by apparently millions.
So today being a day off, I braved the mall with all the preteen love birds taking their dates out for Valentines day whatever. I decided to watch Wolfman starring Benecio Del Toro, Hugo Weaving, and Anthony Hopkins. This movie is a remake of the 1941 classic movie of the same name. There are a few things altered and changed, yet it doesn't distract from the movie. The werewolf special FX are done by the same person who did the American werewolf in London, as well as transformed Michael Jackson in Thriller. It also had a score done by Danny Elfman.

Benecio Del Toro plays the lead character of the name (yep you guessed it, if not you will know now) Lawrence Talbot. In this version of the movie set in the late 1880's, Lawrence Talbot is called back to the estate of his estranged family in England by his soon to be sister in law due to an unexplained disappearance of his brother. Lawrence had been touring the United States as a Shakespearean troubadour performing Hamlet. When Lawrence heeds the letter, he finds the estate to be in a dilapidated state, and is greeted by his fathers guard dog Samson.

The house is lit by various candles in sconces and candelabras casting the interior of the building in a strange, moody, and eerie fashion. Anthony Hopkins makes his appearance as John Talbot, Lawrence father. His father claims to be glad his son is back, yet seems slightly distant. Lawrence is then introduced to his fathers manservant Singh at this time. The tension in the air between Lawrence and his father ultimately causing Lawrence to leave hangs in the air but for a brief moment as the story pushes along. Lawrence goes to where his brother's body is kept prior to burial, and his body had been severely ravaged by some unknown beast.

Finding a strange amulet in his brothers possessions he discovers a charm created and made by a gypsey in the area. He seeks her out, to find the answers of his brothers death, after hearing tales in a local pub concerning beasts or hell spawn roaming the moor's.

Needless to say, during the investigation, the werewolf attacks. There are some gruesome scenes throughout, yet the wolf man creature himself is done in the style of the original 1941 film. Benecio is bitten and he spends a month before his transformation, healing of his wounds. Since he has spent decades out of the village he is essentially an outsider, and stranger in his own town. Rumors abound and a constable from Scotland Yard stops by to ask questions. The Lawman is played ever so splendidly by Hugo Weaving. Agent Smith from the Matrix, or Elrond from Lord of the Rings.

The mob gets whipped up into a frenzy against him, due to him being a stranger even though he has not had his first transformation yet. The church preacher preaches about the beast of the devil and some of the townsfolk go about setting up a trap on the night of the full moon, to bring about, church justice. Lets just say, it doesn't go in their favor at all.

You find out throughout the movie why Lawrence left home to begin with. He had witnessed the suicide of his mother who lay dead in his fathers arms due to razor lascerations. His father John had then sent him to an asylum because he felt that it would be best for a young Lawrence who had witnessed this horrific scene to get the proper help. Now remember, this is the late 1800's so their treatment of the ill wasn't up to today's code.

They end up sending Lawrence back to the asylum because of his belief that he is a werewolf. The doctor tortures him by dunking him in ice cold water while tied to a chair, as well as electrocution. Not at the same time. The doctor flaunts Lawrence to his colleagues as well as the detective from Scotland yard at the time of the full moon. There is some werewolf munching going on as these men are horrified by the transformation. The movie then builds into it's climax.

This movie was, a dark and brooding story with great special effects that weren't overly done. I have read several reviews from people that said Benecio Del Toro, and Anthony Hopkins talents had been wasted on this film. They also had said the story was lacking. I would have to disagree. The story did take some time to unfold, and yes you felt a little awkward with the fact that his brothers fiancee had now fallen in love with Lawrence. With that being said, I thought everyone involved had done a fairly well done performance. There aren't really any surprises in the movie, I believe the release of the information in the way of flash backs, dreams, and madness induced by Lawrence's torture was fairly well done.

I would have to say that this movie is now in my top 3 werewolf movies. The other two being Dog Soldiers, and Bad Moon.